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Past Trips

Past Trips

I am very slowly going to write a short summary of each of the ski trips enjoyed over the past 15 years.

Norway Goxsheim

There was a lot of snow in Finnmark this year which was unusual for young folk but as it used to be in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

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Russia Elbrus

Julia, Anna and Sasha did a wonderful job of feeding us for the nine days we spent on the mountain. High Camp porridge was a particular delight and Alpine hut staff could learn a thing or two about cooking from the Elbrus ladies.

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Italy - Sella & GP

Plan A was a five day traverse from Valnontey to Pont staying at the Vittorio Sella, Chabod and Vittorio Emmanuelle huts. Highlights were to be a traverse of the Gran Serra and the 4061m Gran Paradiso.

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Uzbekistan Powder Tour

The team’s expectations were realistically low. Most were joining for the esoteric nature of the trip and the chance to visit Samarkand and Bukhara. There was talk of Azerbaijani style snow cover and Kashmiri snow stability! In retrospect the trip had it all.

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Norway Finnmark

Congenial company and a relaxed atmosphere on the Goxsheim combined with pretty good snow and weather gave this trip a holiday feel. Even I felt as if I was on holiday as once back on the Goxsheim after skiing there was nothing for me to do. This is most unusual an... details >

Spitsbergen Aleiga - The Deception Tour

This trip was a disappointment. Everything was disappointing.

There wasn’t much snow and that what was there often unskiable. Disappointing. The permanent daylight made for disturbed body clocks and sleep. Disappointing. We were continuously warned of the polar bear threa... details >

Japan Shinetsu

It was not a good night’s sleep. The loose-fitting metal windows of our mountain hut rattled all night long in the gusty wind and just before dawn three small earthquakes shook us from deep below. These were linked to the series of earthquakes that hit Kumamoto in Kyushu causing... details >

Spain - Sierra Nevada

Luis was right to confirm the trip as the snow cover was poor but sufficient. However, instead of the Sierra Cream that a skier would expect at the end of March we had to deal with ‘variable’ conditions which included quite lengthy walks in ski boots, not without pain for some.... details >

Georgia Svaneti

We were supposed to be making a ski traverse of Corsica but we had to accept the inevitable. There wasn’t and wasn’t going to be, enough snow this season. An alternative had to be found.

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